Thursday, November 14, 2013

Review For : Dr. Scholl's For Her Cozy Cushions Insoles

My Cozy Cushions Insoles (center) when I first received them in my RoseVoxBox 

"Dr. Scholls for her cozy cushions helps to keep feet warm and dry while providing all-day comfort. Their multi-layer design helps insulate the foot while two plush layers provide extra cushioning. Cozy Cushions help keep feet dry by absorbing perspiration and offer superior comfort."

Today I am reviewing the Dr. Scholl's For Her Cozy Cushions Insoles. Now let me first say that when I first saw them online I was a bit uncomfortable with the idea of wearing them. I mean something that seems so fluffy will surely make your feet uncomfortable and sweaty in no time wouldn't it? Not too mention they might be too thick for you to wear you shoes comfortably. 

So when I finally received them I tested them out for myself. This is the review :)

The back of the packaging for the insoles. 
Now, fresh out of the package you have to cut them to their appropriate sizing since they all come in a size 10. That was no hassle since I am. 9 so there was very little cutting. Now, in the back of the package it says that these insoles would be ideal with any shoe type you own. Rain boots, Winter Boots, Flats, Sneakers,  or Dress Boots.  I decided to try these out with my Sneakers, my Flats, my Dress Boots and my slippers. I wore them one different type of shoe a day for a total of four days in total. These were the results.

Flats- I wore my flats without socks and with the insole they were a very tight fit. I know it wasn't my shoe size that was a problem because I've worn them with socks before and that was never a comfort issue. So sorry,  no insoles for my flats. 

Sneakers- A wonderful fit. Wore them all day with no problems whatsoever. My feet did get a little too warm at one point of the day, but that's my fault. Our high was at 78° so I should of waited for a colder day. Other than that, no complaints. Perfect fit, support all day. They obviously did a good job of warming me up if I got too warm. I guess I'll use them in my sneakers, but only when going out at night to prevent sweaty feet. 

Slippers- Again, a good fit. Kept my feet warm and I was able to wear my slippers with and without socks on. I really like that. So definitely yes on the slippers. 

Dress Boots- Surprisingly, a okay fit. A teeny bit tight once I wore them through the day though. They started out nice and comfortable but by the end of my day, they weren't really bugging me but I felt my shoes a little tight.

All in all: 3 yes, 1 no. I'm mostly going to use them in the winter months for my sneakers though since I loved how well they supported me through the day. I'm a bit sad that the flats weren't a good fit, but hey you can't win them all.

*Influenster provided me with this product for testing and reviewing purposes. The opinions in this blog/blog post are mine and mine alone.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nice surprise

This came in my mail today! I don't remember signing up for it but either way yay for random gift cards!

Thank you Vogue!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Review for: RimmelLondon Scandaleyes Mascara

I received my Rimmel London Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara in my Rose BoxBox compliments of Influenster* and I'm sad to say it does not impress. My lashes didn't even look coated and it does not build up well on itself either. I just kept coating and it looked like nothing was happening. No thickness added with this one sadly. I really expected more from RimmelLondon especially after it did so well with the foundation I reviewed earlier. 

My Rimmel London Scandaleyes Mascara that was included in the RoseVoxBox 

Even after I felt like it was doing nothing for me, I decided to keep it on for anyway to see if it would hold up through a typical day.

It didn't even do that.

I had to reapply, and at one point it crumbled a bit so I had to dust off little remnants of dry mascara so they wouldn't get in my eyes. 

Me wearing the mascara, honestly by this time I couldn't even tell I was wearing any as it was flaking away

I'm sad to say this was not a hit with me, and honestly I won't be recommending it to my friends. Even in my picture posted above, you can't tell if I'm wearing any product! The only thing I'm glad about after this experience was that I didn't spend a dime to try this product, otherwise I think I would've been even more disappointed. 

Sorry Rimmel, guess you can't win them all.

*Influenster provided me with this product for reviewing and testing purposes. Any opinions in this blog are mine and mine alone.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Review for: RimmelLondon Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation

RimmelLondon Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation 

"A feather light, oil free formula with an airy mousse texture that won’t feel heavy or greasy. Delivers all day shine control and blends flawlessly for a natural looking matte finish. Minimizes the appearance of pores. The weight is over – finally, shine has met its matte."

I'm pretty excited to review this product! I've made it known before that because of my psoriasis, I tend to get picky about what lotions, make-up, etc., goes on my skin. Although some are a hit-and-miss, whenever I do find something that I love, I make sure to give it love when I can. Well, today is a day for giving some love :) 

I have oily/combination skin so I can say that I'm regularly trying to find a good product for me. Up until now, foundation is not something that I wore regularly on account of how heavy some of them are, or how they make me feel like I'm wearing it caked on. Or even worse they caused mild breakouts on my face. 

Well, let me start by saying that when I first opened my Influenster* box I was a bit dissatisfied. The color of the bottle looked like it might've been too dark for my skin color, but I figured "It's here so might as well give it a go!" Like always I tested a small spot on my skin first to make sure it was not or wouldn't set off any bad reaction on my skin and it didn't.  Once that was out of the way I was a bit giddy thinking about how it might look on me.

While applying it,  I couldn't help but notice that the Stay Matte Foundation felt so light and airy between my fingers, like you really were handling some mousse. Right away I noticed its a bit thick which is a good thing actually, since I didn't require a lot when I put in on.

So.... so far, it's lightweight.  It doesn't take a lot of product to get the job done. One thing I did like was that it actually did blend with my skin color so if you get this and it looks a little too dark, don't be discouraged! 

I wore it from 10am to 9pm and I'm happy to say it was fantastic to wear. Not once did it make me feel like I was wearing make-up, but it did a marvelous job of making my skin look pretty! Just like it was easy to apply, it was also easy to remove. I took some pictures of me wearing the foundation and my skin looks flawless, I love it! I will recommending it to all my friends who wear make-up. 

So, to sum up: Easy to blend, Lightweight, Oil-Free, Easy to remove, Fragrance-Free(At least I didn't detect any strong smell) and it comes in eight different shades so there's something for everyone! 

Me wearing the RimmelLondon Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation. 

*I received the RimmelLondon Stay Matte liquid Foundation for free from Influenster for testing/reviewing purposes. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Talk about a let down... :(

Oh well, I guess you win some and you lose some! In other news though, I'm waiting on a couple of sample kits so yay for that.

Monday, August 12, 2013

New goodies

Look what arrived for me this weekend! I previously had mentioned that ShaveMob sent me an email entitling me to a free year of razors.  I had to pick from men's or women razors, and I decided to pick men's razors since Alex is always in short supply. Not to mention each catridge has a trimmer!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Good Morning!

Did anyone else get this email today? I had completely forgotten about Shave Mob, but today when I checked my mail I had this email! So yay free razors!

I wonder what they're quality will be. I remember getting Harry's for free when they launched and my husband LOVED them!

Fingers crossed that this product will also be extraordinary.

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Sorry for running off again! Rei has been keeping me busy lately, but I thought I'd stop by to say I live!!

Anyway, freebie wise I haven't been doing much. I wrapped up my BzzCampaing as well as my MomsMeet Sample Party. So for now, I'm laying low just enjoying my spare time lol.

We'll talk again soon!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Saturday, June 8, 2013


I finally made an account over there! I noticed that Influenster uses them a lot when it comes to VoxBoxes so I figured might as well make an account to use for my next VoxBox.

Do you have an Instagram account? Follow me! As always, I'm Wydowness!

I'm still kinda lost but I'll get the hang of it!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I live!

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile I've been really occupied with Rei. She finally got a hang of using the toilet and letting us know she needs to go. I'm just happy she didn't put up a fight to leave her diapers lol.

Also, she finally said 'Daddy' though it's cute I don't like it she uses it more to get Alex to do her bidding -_-

Evil kid she is.

Right now I'm waiting for a VoxBox, a BzzKit and a package from Mom Ambassador. The BzzKit is for Dr. Scholl's for her, the Vox Box is Something Blue and from Mom Ambassador, I'm sampling the O Organics Salads. I'm going to be busy once they all come in the mail. :)

Father's Day is almost here, I already know what I'm giving Chewy. I was able to get a Winston Shaving Kit from Harry's, a photo card from and Skyrim: Legendary Edition. I'm kinda proud of myself, the only thing I paid for was half of Skyrim! Everything else was free or paid with Prepaid Visas I've gathered. I'm going to make him some tri-tip that day, can't wait!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Mailbox Love!

So here's this weeks bounty:

Latina Magazine
Parenting Magazine
Good Housekeeping Magazine
Method Laundry Detergent
Shick Hydro Silk Razor
Escada Cherry in the Air
Finn Crisp Sample Box

Catching Up!

Happy Mother's Day!

Hope everyone has been having a goos time. Sorry I haven't been posting besides the usual review posts, but I had a bit of writer's block. Not to mention laziness xD

So, I was back home for a week, it was great being back. Little sad though, because Alvarado became well.... dirtier. Echo Park looks like a little suburban filled with hipsters now, but what pissed me off was the older Hispanic women over at Alvarado. Glaring at me or Rei one even had the gull to 'bump' into my stroller. I expected some rudeness but not at the level of hostility I saw when I went out. It was weird.

Sad, even.

I was raised around those parts of Los Angeles, but my trip made feel like a complete outsider. Maybe I've been living out here for too long. Maybe it is a good thing that I seldom return to LA to visit.

Oh well I guess.

So mom lives near the church now, but I love her new apartment. So many little shops and what not. There's even a bookshop! The next time I visit her Im setting $100 for that bookshop!

So life at home has been good. Alex started giving me a monthly stipend because according to him, a housewife should have spending money even if it's a small amount. Eh, free money I don't complain. Besides, it goes to our home anyway xD

I have been potty training Rei this week. It's f*cking hard! Props to the ladies that have the patience for this. She is willing to go potty, but freaks the hell out when Alex is home. I think she's shy.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Review: Ivory® 2-IN-1 Hair & Body Wash

I was lucky enough to get in the Ivory box, this box came with a 24 FL OZ bottle of Ivory 2-in-1 Hair and Body Wash.
This body wash acts as almost everything a person needs when it comes to showering; shampoo, conditioner and body wash! I was not sure about this product because I like having my certain brands of shampoo and conditioner that are separate and not together acting as one. Since I was very timid at trying this I decided that I would first have my daughter try it out. It left her hair smelling wonderful and she felt clean! Which is important.
So would this be something I'd purchase for my own home? Yes. It's a great bring along for when I visit family and wanted to travel light but as for daily use? I'll stick to my regular shampoo and bath products. After I used this product my hair just wasn't the same.
Facebook video for Ivory
As always these products were provided for free from

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Today was a good week!

For my mailbox anyway! I received my Ivory 2in1 voxbox, my Frosted Flakes Zucaritas bzzkit and an unexpected package from Johnsonville!

I kept my mail lady busy this week!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Review for Garnier BB Cream

I recently received a bottle of Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream to try for my personal use. I was thrilled, for one I've never heard of BB Cream and from what I read online, this cream would greatly help the appearance of my facial skin. I've mentioned before the troubles of my skin. Oily, large pores, uneven skin tone due to psoriasis. Living out here where I do, I live in harsh hot dry weather which makes wearing make-up and foundations uncomfortable especially under the noon soon which is unforgiving and makes you break a sweat in no time. From everything I read online it seemed promising, or so I thought.

When I first tried to use it I was alarmed by how runny the liquid was. Almost watery. The shade I ordered was the Deep shade so I was positive it would fit my skin just fine.


After getting over how runny and liquid the product was I finally applied it on myself was alarmed by the fact that the shade didn't match my skin tone. I was very disappointed then.

I put it away, deciding it wasn't the product for me, but after talking with a few friends of mine from a book club I decided to wear it again and give it a second chance, I mean the worst that could happen was me having to remove the BB cream.

It was a success! I don't know what I did different but my ladies were complementing my face and noticed how smooth my face looked. Luckily I had brought along the BB cream so a few of them were able to try it for themselves and they loved it ! Of course they also noticed how runny the cream was but in the end we chalked it up to the heat was making it runny.

So would I recommend Garnier's BB Cream? Yes I would, but I warn you that some people complained about the shades not blending with their skin tone properly. I am one of those. Although I was able to make it work for me I'm still sad it didn't match me properly.

*As always, I received this product from BzzAgaent*

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Rei!

Rei's birthday was last Friday! I can't believe she's two already! Alex and I were originally going to take her to the Fresno Chaffee Zoo but at the last moment decided to go to the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens.

I have to say I'm glad we decided to switch at the last moment. 

Not only was the zoo bigger but we also stopped by to visit my mom before heading home! As a bonus, my sister and nephew tagged along with us on our adventures :)

The day was fun, tiring and well, fun. We managed to only spend $150 that day and that includes gas, admission, lunch, dinner and more gas. I'm kinda proud of myself I budgeted and I stuck with it. I probably didn't save as much as I think I did but that's ok. Rei had fun, we had fun. The day was great!


 The new Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge line includes a Shampoo, Conditioner and 1-Minute Moisture Treatment that leave hair weightlessly soft while hydrating for silky, smooth hair. The shampoo contains encapsulated beads of goji berry, passion fruit and kiwi super fruits to replenish moisture without weighing it down.

 I was excited as much as I was skeptical when I read about this Garnier product. A shampoo that promised weightless-ness for two days? That's quite the promise, isn't it? Well I'm here to fill you in on the results. Do these products actually make my hair as awesome as they promised? Will the goji berry scent make my hair smell weird or funky? Are you dying to find out? I know I was!

 As soon as my husband brought my package into our living room I grinned because I knew what awaited me. Aa soon as I opened tge box I went to take a shower and pamper my hair with Garnier awesomeness. So, what was the result? It. Was. Magic. From the moment you begin to lather in the shampoo you feel the difference in your hair and scalp. My hair instantly because silky and soft. And by the time I used the hair serum and conditioner, my hair had a watery consistency if that makes any sense. It was just so SOFT. Once dried and styled my hair looked pretty awesome. Almost like the girl in their ad. Best part about this is that yes, my hair silky weightless-ness really did last two days! The only hair product I used to style my hair was a waterbased hair spray so, your results may vary.

 So, would I recommend you try Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge? You bet your butt I would! Though make sure you buy all three products, the shampoo, conditioner and hair serum! Everyone deserves to have beautiful looking hair and the best part is that you wouldn't be breaking your piggy bank to achieve it!

 *Like always, products were provided by BzzAgent*

Monday, February 25, 2013


I've been going through some really bad fatigue lately. I'm in a constant state of dizzying and being light headed. Ugh. I blame it on the stress. I just found that I'm going to have to take in my sister for an uncertain amount of time. ;/

Don't get me wrong I'm happy to do the right thing , it's just. .. well I don't know. I mean Alex and I are foregoing our personal life and space and it's not exactly sitting well with me. Also the thought of more people=more expenses such as the electricity, food, etc.

Plus she also has a child. I don't know her child or his mannerisms/behavior.  Not to mention how is Rei going to adjust to another child in the home.

I think I'm over thinking it.

I'm hoping that by trying to do the right thing I nor my husband get burned. I really do. For I'm just going to hope for the best, wish me luck cyberspace.

Oh! On a lighter note, I bought The Lost World by Michael Crichton for $1! That made me thrilled and sad. Thrilled because it's a brand new book for a dollar.  Very sad because it's a Crichton book in brand new conditions in the clearance rack.  :(

Monday, February 18, 2013


Is driving me crazy!! She's becoming so damn rebellious. Especially now that she picked up the word "No." She fights me while potty training, eating, bathing. Pretty much everything!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Schick Hydro Silk Review!

The Schick Hydro Silk razor is designed to go beyond a close shave - it actually cares for your skin! Each cartridge is filled with water-activated moisturizing serum that is infused with marine extracts and shea butter to hydrate for up to two hours after shaving! The 5 Curve-Sensing blades move independently from each other to deliver a smooth shave and blade guards to protect the skin from irritation. Plus, it has a contoured oval cartridge to allow for a closer shave around hard-to-reach places and an ergonomic, soft touch handle with rubber grips to provide ultimate control while shaving. Now I admit, I have always been the kind of girl who would rather save a few bucks than to buy one of these razors. My line of thinking has always been, "A razor is a razor, right? No need for me to spend those extra couple of bucks on a name brand when the dollar store sells a 12pk for 99 cents." Boy, was I wrong! Immediately while using it , you can FEEL the difference. It left my legs, smooth, soft and looking great! The five blades work with you to give you the closest shave possible without cutting you or leaving little nicks. My legs felt great! Maybe it's just me, but after shaving the first time with the Schick Hydro Silk razor, my first order of business was to put on a skirt and show off my legs. Now despite the greatness of this product I do have one complaint: the price of the refill cartridges. I went to my local Kmart to see just how much it would cost me. They were in the 15.00 range! My husband laughed at me because he said I looked like I'd seen a ghost! Don't let this deter you from trying such a great product for.yourself though! Wal-Mart has them for cheaper AND you can easily score coupons online if the price of the cartridges is too high for you. Now would I recommend this razor to anyone? Oh absolutely! Such a great, comfortable shave cannot be bought at a bargain price. This is one of those rare products were I say "Go for it! It's so worth it after you shave! " *As always, the Schick Hydro Silk was provided by BzzAgent*

Monday, February 11, 2013


I have a new phone! A LG Spirit that Chewy bought me for Valentine's Day. It's spiffy  :D

Yesterday I also got myself a new pair of glasses.  They're purple! We also bought something for Rei, Spongebob dvds.

Man things have been a bit slow for me, sorry for not blogging sooner. I am on a couple of Bzzcampaigns so that's keeping afloat lol. Since Rei has become more hyper I really haven't had time for myself, especially with the potty training/trying to teach her to speak and pronounce words correctly.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


I finished playing DmC! Yeeeeeaaaah!!!!

I'm very, very happy with this game! Especially with the route they took with Vergil. Makes me feel like everything is right with the world again lol.

Finishing the game makes me want to do a little fan fiction, so yay for that! :D Gotta bring back Wydow, it's been awhile.

Oh yeah, going off topic here I was picked for another Bzzcampaign so Huzzah for that too! Man, been having some good luck lately. Which, I'm not complaining about, just thought I'd mention it.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mailbox Love

Got some assorted freebies today! A Walmart gift card and a Crest® 3D Whitestrips sample, measuring tape, tea samples, lube samples and my Parents magazine. A few days ago I also received my calendar from Canada :)

(The Walmart gift card and Crest sample were from

I've been kinda ignoring my FB and twitter lately, mostly because Alex and I bought a new ps3 and the new Resident Evil and DmC. They sucked me in! I'm really happy that both games have been really fun so far. RE6 is helluva hard though.

We've also started preparations for our roadtrip to Texas that's coming up. Alex took the car in for a diagnosis today to make sure it'll be in good shape for the long drive.

We'll be looking at a 24hr drive and between stops and stuff Alex wants to make it a two day trip to get to Houston. I'm nervous and a bit excited. I hope the trip goes well.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I'm an aunt!

My nephew was born January 11, 2013. Dude was 19inches and 7lbs, born by cesarean in the middle of the night.

Obviously I'm not sharing to much details as respect for my sister and the baby, but either way ... woot!! I have someone to spoil with video games, zombies and comic books >:D

Congratulations sister! Btw I forgot how expensive newborn baby shiz is!!

Alex keeps teasing me saying that shopping for my sister's baby is going to give me baby fever. Lies I say, lies! I have a toddler and four pets to care for I think I'm good! xD

Anyway, sorry I haven't been active with freebie finding and posting but I took a break. I had a fallout with my main freebie group when I realized that the GO was using the members for his benefit i.e. getting paid for our clicks, allowing promotion of anything only if he was getting a cut of any profit, and just plain using us. When I brought it up I was immediately banned from the group so well, that's that. I'll try to resume freebie posting but it isn't a guarantee, sorry.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

Wow can't believe the year is over! Hope it was good for you as it was for me ;)

We stayed home for the holiday season this time around, it was too cold to go outside.

2012 was a good year though, financially speaking. Alex found a well paying stable job that he enjoys and introduced me into organic and locally owned farms.

I learned about BzzAgent, Influenster, Houseparty and the world of freebies. My cooking skills picked up remarkably xD

At least now my family can't say I live off of 'pan con jamon'.

Rei grew remarkably. She went from stumbling baby to a toddler! Just last year she was learning her first steps, now we're working on potty training and her first words.