Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My first Influencer post.

I'm a little nervous right now, so bare with me.

I recently signed up with a website called Influenster and it seems pretty cool. A bit confusing but if you're on BzzAgent you'll find it to be a bit familiar. In short, it's also a product testing/reviewing website. I'm still getting the hang of it but it seems easy enough. :)

Anywho, I received my first batch of products from Influenster, my Holiday VoxBox. It's a package of assorted products that I get to try and later put in my two cents. The products I received are:

Quaker® Real Medley Oatmeal

NYC New York Color Lipshine

Kiss® Nail Dress


Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask

Goody® Quickstyle Brush

I have to say I'm quite excited to try my goodies! The Goody® brush even caught my husband's attention! Thank you Influenster for the opportunity to try these new products!

Now as of today, I did try out the Quaker® Real Medley Oatmeal, and although I thought it to be a tad too sweet for me, my daughter loved it! So I am considering buying it for her!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

BzzAgent Post: Covergirl Blast Flipstick Review


 This is my review for the BzzAgent Covergirl Blastflipstick Campaign.

Okay so when I first started hearing about this campaign I admit I was a tad nervous. I've mentioned before that because of my psoriasis I am very skeptical about what kind of make-up I try if I even bother to wear any. I Googled around for a bit and found no complaints about this particular brand so I decided to heck with it and accepted the opportunity to participate in this campaign.

Different Flipstick Shades 
I received my Bzzkit not too long after and I have to say I was very impressed with the presentation of the package. It came with several coupons as well as three different shades of flipsticks which were: Vixen (pinkish peach and pinkish brown), Stunner (orange coral and metallic golden bronze) and Minx (light golden brown and metallic darker brown). I felt a like a little girl trying on these three different shades trying to find which would look good on me. At first sight I thought Minx would be a good choice for me , I was more than happy to try it and find out. 

It quickly dawned on me that no, Minx was not the shade for me. The color didn't look right on me. So next was Stunner. After some tweaking around with the make-up and blending of the colors, I decided "OK this looks sorta fine on me!"  The orange-y color looked a tad odd though , I will say that but once you mess around with it the turn out is very nice. Made me feel a bit well, fancy . So after playing around it was time to try on the final shade, Vixen. 

The name of it sounds awesome to me. Vixen. I imagine sexed up supermodels sporting this particular shade like it was an extension of their own being. Boy was I in for a bit of a let down. Maybe Hollywood is making me impressionable haha. So I messed around with this shade and like the first one, Minx, it was a bit of a disappointing experience. Or maybe I'm not too good at applying make-up on myself who knows. 

I'm a darker shade of a girl and honestly the shades they sent me, though they are cool felt like they would greatly compliment someone of a lighter appearance. The whole metallic bit kinda stuck out to me and maybe because I'm not a glitter fan but after I removed said make-up I was annoyed that some glitter remained on lips. Hell on my cheeks in one occasion lol. 

So all in all, I will and still and recommending this product to my friends and to some of the moms I know. It is fun to apply, tweak and overall mess around with them in an attempt of finding that perfect shade that would look awesome on me , but unfortunately it just didn't happen. I hated the subtle smell that the lipstick left on my lips. Did anyone else experience that? Even after I was done wearing them and had cleaned myself up, this light plastic-ish smell remained on me. It was a bit of a puzzling annoyance. 

I did go out and wear these products during normal outings to try and test out how long I could last without having to do multiple touch-ups or  having to reapply . So far the longest was two hours. After two hours I found myself needing to touch up my lips so they could look nice again. I'm going to ask friends who also tried this product to see if I can compare notes, I want to know if anyone else thought that their lips smelled funny while wearing Covergirl's Blast Flipsticks. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday Hiatus

I'm taking a break. Dealing with some home issues, but I'll be back! Just give me time!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

D: oh noes!

Alex won't be working for this entire week! The harvest is over so everyone is off this week and starting next Monday he'll be pruning grapevines. I'm happy he's still working but what I don't like is that he'll pretty much become a commission employee rather than salary like he was before. I'm kinda dreading it. I'm also sad because that means I can't put money in my roadtrip jar :(

We'll see what happens I guess.

My phone has been acting weird lately. It won't let me access Blogger or Facebook. I have to access them through apps which I hate because it means downloading stuff into my crappy phone :/  

I'll tinker with it tonight.

So Thanksgiving was awesome! Worked my butt off that day. I'm proud that everything that was served was made from scratch, nothing was boxed. Quite the feat compared to last year when I was still learning to cook xD