Monday, March 17, 2014

BzzAgent Review: Children's Claritin

My daughter suffers from seasonal alergies so imagine my surprise and relief when I found out that I'd have an opportunity to test Children's Claritin in Grape flavoring.

When I first offered it to her she was a bit iffy because of the medicine smell but quickly overcame that problem. Taste wise, she had no complaints and was very cooperative with me!

Now, the medicine does  provide quick relief, an estimated 15mins before she had complete relief.  Children's Claritin does not however,  last 24 hours, and being a 24 hour medication she can't take another dose if she really needs to.

That was my only problem with this medicine. The longest it lasted for her was 5-6 hours maybe? Not bad I guess, but when someone advertises 24hrs you kind of assume it's safe to expect a full day of relief, but whatever.

*This product was given to me for free for testing purposes from