Friday, June 28, 2013

Saturday, June 8, 2013


I finally made an account over there! I noticed that Influenster uses them a lot when it comes to VoxBoxes so I figured might as well make an account to use for my next VoxBox.

Do you have an Instagram account? Follow me! As always, I'm Wydowness!

I'm still kinda lost but I'll get the hang of it!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I live!

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile I've been really occupied with Rei. She finally got a hang of using the toilet and letting us know she needs to go. I'm just happy she didn't put up a fight to leave her diapers lol.

Also, she finally said 'Daddy' though it's cute I don't like it she uses it more to get Alex to do her bidding -_-

Evil kid she is.

Right now I'm waiting for a VoxBox, a BzzKit and a package from Mom Ambassador. The BzzKit is for Dr. Scholl's for her, the Vox Box is Something Blue and from Mom Ambassador, I'm sampling the O Organics Salads. I'm going to be busy once they all come in the mail. :)

Father's Day is almost here, I already know what I'm giving Chewy. I was able to get a Winston Shaving Kit from Harry's, a photo card from and Skyrim: Legendary Edition. I'm kinda proud of myself, the only thing I paid for was half of Skyrim! Everything else was free or paid with Prepaid Visas I've gathered. I'm going to make him some tri-tip that day, can't wait!