Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I live!

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile I've been really occupied with Rei. She finally got a hang of using the toilet and letting us know she needs to go. I'm just happy she didn't put up a fight to leave her diapers lol.

Also, she finally said 'Daddy' though it's cute I don't like it she uses it more to get Alex to do her bidding -_-

Evil kid she is.

Right now I'm waiting for a VoxBox, a BzzKit and a package from Mom Ambassador. The BzzKit is for Dr. Scholl's for her, the Vox Box is Something Blue and from Mom Ambassador, I'm sampling the O Organics Salads. I'm going to be busy once they all come in the mail. :)

Father's Day is almost here, I already know what I'm giving Chewy. I was able to get a Winston Shaving Kit from Harry's, a photo card from and Skyrim: Legendary Edition. I'm kinda proud of myself, the only thing I paid for was half of Skyrim! Everything else was free or paid with Prepaid Visas I've gathered. I'm going to make him some tri-tip that day, can't wait!