Sunday, January 27, 2013


I finished playing DmC! Yeeeeeaaaah!!!!

I'm very, very happy with this game! Especially with the route they took with Vergil. Makes me feel like everything is right with the world again lol.

Finishing the game makes me want to do a little fan fiction, so yay for that! :D Gotta bring back Wydow, it's been awhile.

Oh yeah, going off topic here I was picked for another Bzzcampaign so Huzzah for that too! Man, been having some good luck lately. Which, I'm not complaining about, just thought I'd mention it.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mailbox Love

Got some assorted freebies today! A Walmart gift card and a Crest® 3D Whitestrips sample, measuring tape, tea samples, lube samples and my Parents magazine. A few days ago I also received my calendar from Canada :)

(The Walmart gift card and Crest sample were from

I've been kinda ignoring my FB and twitter lately, mostly because Alex and I bought a new ps3 and the new Resident Evil and DmC. They sucked me in! I'm really happy that both games have been really fun so far. RE6 is helluva hard though.

We've also started preparations for our roadtrip to Texas that's coming up. Alex took the car in for a diagnosis today to make sure it'll be in good shape for the long drive.

We'll be looking at a 24hr drive and between stops and stuff Alex wants to make it a two day trip to get to Houston. I'm nervous and a bit excited. I hope the trip goes well.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I'm an aunt!

My nephew was born January 11, 2013. Dude was 19inches and 7lbs, born by cesarean in the middle of the night.

Obviously I'm not sharing to much details as respect for my sister and the baby, but either way ... woot!! I have someone to spoil with video games, zombies and comic books >:D

Congratulations sister! Btw I forgot how expensive newborn baby shiz is!!

Alex keeps teasing me saying that shopping for my sister's baby is going to give me baby fever. Lies I say, lies! I have a toddler and four pets to care for I think I'm good! xD

Anyway, sorry I haven't been active with freebie finding and posting but I took a break. I had a fallout with my main freebie group when I realized that the GO was using the members for his benefit i.e. getting paid for our clicks, allowing promotion of anything only if he was getting a cut of any profit, and just plain using us. When I brought it up I was immediately banned from the group so well, that's that. I'll try to resume freebie posting but it isn't a guarantee, sorry.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

Wow can't believe the year is over! Hope it was good for you as it was for me ;)

We stayed home for the holiday season this time around, it was too cold to go outside.

2012 was a good year though, financially speaking. Alex found a well paying stable job that he enjoys and introduced me into organic and locally owned farms.

I learned about BzzAgent, Influenster, Houseparty and the world of freebies. My cooking skills picked up remarkably xD

At least now my family can't say I live off of 'pan con jamon'.

Rei grew remarkably. She went from stumbling baby to a toddler! Just last year she was learning her first steps, now we're working on potty training and her first words.