Sunday, January 13, 2013

I'm an aunt!

My nephew was born January 11, 2013. Dude was 19inches and 7lbs, born by cesarean in the middle of the night.

Obviously I'm not sharing to much details as respect for my sister and the baby, but either way ... woot!! I have someone to spoil with video games, zombies and comic books >:D

Congratulations sister! Btw I forgot how expensive newborn baby shiz is!!

Alex keeps teasing me saying that shopping for my sister's baby is going to give me baby fever. Lies I say, lies! I have a toddler and four pets to care for I think I'm good! xD

Anyway, sorry I haven't been active with freebie finding and posting but I took a break. I had a fallout with my main freebie group when I realized that the GO was using the members for his benefit i.e. getting paid for our clicks, allowing promotion of anything only if he was getting a cut of any profit, and just plain using us. When I brought it up I was immediately banned from the group so well, that's that. I'll try to resume freebie posting but it isn't a guarantee, sorry.