Thursday, August 30, 2012

Carefree liners sample


Just fill out the form and you're good to go

I bought a dress there today for 50¢

Anywho, right now they have an offer for newcomers! If you sign up for a new account You get 10.00 in store credit. Now it's not that big of a deal, but the thing I like about the site is that all their clothing starts at 2.00-2.50 so if you pick a cheaper item you'll still have enough credit leftover to pay the shipping. 

This is they link to the store, like I said you ten bucks after signing on. :D

I included a picture of the dress I bought for Rei, do you like?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Free Arby's Sandwiches!

Arby’s Sandwich on 9/6 from 11am to 1pm

--No purchase required. Limit one sandwich per person.

--Offer valid on 9/6/2012 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm at participating US locations only. While supplies last.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Free Atkins starter kit

Registration is easy. It comes with 3 full sized bars and a coupon

Free hand Sanitizer


Happy Monday peeps.  Climb ladders, bring home the bacon,  etc.

I hope those of you in the East Coast were safe from Issac, I heard Haiti is going through trouble as well.

Is it true that CA experienced 30 quakes over the weekend?  I just heard it on the news, they said that they expect it to keep going into next month.

This weekend was great for me. It was cool, bright with a constant breeze. Taking advantage of the weather Alex suggested that we go to Richgrove. It's a small swap meet, but pretty decent when it comes to merchants and stuff.  I'm happy to say we found a bed that we like too.

All in all we only spent 20.00 out there on some DVDs, handkerchiefs for Alex and socks for Rei and myself :)

The entrance fee was a dollar, free parking.

We had a scary moment though.  A wind blew through the lot and lifted the canopies off th ground! One of those things almost fell on the three of us. Later, Alex was making fun of me because I was oblivious to the tent pole that almost hit me :/

I cannot wait to go back :D

The rest of the day was a nice lazy Sunday. We got some take out, did the laundry and watched our bootlegs. Gotta say, the DKR made me teary. Batman had me geeking out Lol. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back home

Got back home last night. At least this time we weren't awake until 3 a.m.

This time things went by smoothly, the weekend didn't feel rushed like the week before that. We just hanged out at my mom's, watched movies and ate take out.  It was nice, felt like a mini vacation.

I had Ocha's Thai food while I was out there too. What a disappointment. It was not as good as I remember. Even my mom agreed the food was crap. Not to mention over priced. Blegh.  If I ever go back to LA I'm never eating that food again >_<

I have turtles now! And a Beta fish too :)

Alex bought me some DVD's today. :D

The Hunger Games
The Incredibles
The first Avengers

And some horror multi pack

Good times, good times.

Oh yeah, Reila is jealous of our new pets. She hates it when Alex or I attend to the animals. It's cute, but annoying.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Busy day today

We came home late from Los Angeles.  We didn't get to bed until maybe 3 a.m. I feel bad for Alex since he had to go to work later that morning. The good thing, I guess is that he came home at midday so he only worked six hours. With this heat it's almost impossible to do anything during the day it sucks. I need to go buy meat and fruits but I can't leave the apartment. I'm hoping it blows over eventually.

LA was fun. Sad as hell, but fun. We arrived Saturday night and spent the night at Gretel's. I'm kinda under the impression that Jason doesn't like me, but I'm not hurting over it. Her kid is so big! I hope the clothes I brought him fit.  :)

Spent Sunday with my Mom, visited my Aunts church too.  We took the kids out to the park, it was pleasant just to hang out. We took pictures too. 

I don't want August to end.

I'm not sure I'll be able to handle it to be honest.

My mom gave me a bunch of kitchen things. Appliances, silverware and glass/crystalware.

But not everything was good. Due to the heat, in the one day we were gone bugs got into the apartment. So today I spent the day cleaning, reorganizing, and throwing crap out.  Laundry was done too.

Man, what a long day. I still have plenty to clean tomorrow, so ugh.

Oh yeah, got another freebie in the mail. Press on Acrylic nails

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Freebie - Weight loss pills

Pretty straight forward :)

You get pills, brochure, a coupon and a video

Sponsored: Unreal™ Candy

So, as part of my participation in the current BzzAgent campaign I will be doing a blog post :D

I admitt,when I first heard of this candy I was skeptical. I mean, a natural candy bar? My only thought was that perhaps these were sugar free and that was it.

The first thing I noticed was packaging, the bright, vibrant coloring of the logo against the black background really stands out.

Unreal currently has five different candies available. - UN8 (comparable to snickers)
 - UN5 (compareable to Milky Way
 - UN41 (compareable to regular M&M's)
- UN54 (compareable to Peanut M&M's)
 - UN 77 (compareable to Reese's)

I have to admit I was iffy about trying them lol, but I'm happy to say that they do not disappoint. They all taste just like their big brand counterparts, though I will say that the coloring will throw you off at first. Once you get past that though it's all good :D

My favorite UNREAL™ product though, would have to be the peanut butter cups. Those things were awesome! Most definitely my favorite out of all the others. It's so creamy inside tastes like really peanut butter, unlike Reese's cups which have a powdery consistency. So would I buy these again? Yup. Especially the peanut butter cups lol. Everything else was awesome too, but too sweet for me lol.

Late humpday-Update

Today is my anniversary with Alex. I only know this because he woke me up to tell me. Honestly I didn't want to remember, it makes me feel like there's a noose tightening around my neck :/

Lol damn menstrual hormones.

So Sunday I will be in Los Angeles for a few hours to help my mom around her home a bit. She moving out of CA in two weeks. I feel like I truly am stuck in this cheap excuse of a town now. I hate it. So Sunday Imma make the best of it since it'll be the last time I see my siblings probably.

I got more samples in the mail this week :)

1 granola bar
2 Astro Lubricants
1 Lipton Ice Tea packet
6 Poise Pads
1 Wet!  Lubricant

I'm still waiting for my Bzzkit to arrive I'm so excited!


Update :

He brought cake! Everything's better with cake! Lol, the day went by just fine. Now just waiting for Sunday :)

Monday, August 6, 2012

^_^ wow!

This weekend alone I had 120 visitors to my blog! I don't think I've seen that much traffic in such a short period since I stopped doing monthly Raffles. My roleplay blog, Wydow Zamure also was busy too. I'm thinking of updating that blog again too. Not to mention I haven't uploaded ALL of my characters on there yet.

So Alex was here three days last weekend. Annoying on Friday, but after that it was ok. We went to his old workplace and used their wifi so we could download some new games for us :D

I'm a happy girl lol. Especially because I have Spyro and Infamous again.

This coming Sunday, I'm going to be In Los Angeles for a few hours. I wish I could stay longer but I can't I get cabin fever too easily at my mom's.

Rei has been bratty all weekend, it's starting to irk me :/ She entering the Terrible Two's. Ugh,  I'm not looking forward to what else she will start doing.  I'm already giving her time outs and taking toys away. I don't want to spank yet.

Before I forget, here's last months Visiting log:

United States 406
Russia 55
Germany 54
United Kingdom 4
Malaysia 3
South Korea 2
France 1
Lithuania 1
Ukraine 1

Most of the traffic is from Facebook, Google and twitter.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Free stuff :D

Got a bunch of freebies in the mail today! Well throughout the week, bur still! I also got some coupons too :3

The freebies I received this week are:

1 Shick Hydro Silk Razor
1 Schick Hydro Silk cartridge
3 Crazy Straws
1 pair of faux Pearl Earrings
1 Pair of Black Heart Earrings
3 Packs of Multi Vitamins
1 Coupon for $4.00 off Shick Cartridge
1 Voucher for free panties from Victoria Secret
1 Coupon for $10.00 off a Victoria Secret Bra
1 Voucher for a free Whopper from Burger King

And I also was selected to try out Unreal Candy™ for  free, through Bzzagent :D

Good week for my mailbox!

I also found out that Alex will be off Friday and Saturday. Boo!! I don't want him here!

Oh yeah our apartment management offered him a job here at the complex as a Maintenance guy. He's applying tomorrow, let's see how it goes. It pays the same as his current job.