Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sponsored: Unreal™ Candy

So, as part of my participation in the current BzzAgent campaign I will be doing a blog post :D

I admitt,when I first heard of this candy I was skeptical. I mean, a natural candy bar? My only thought was that perhaps these were sugar free and that was it.

The first thing I noticed was packaging, the bright, vibrant coloring of the logo against the black background really stands out.

Unreal currently has five different candies available. - UN8 (comparable to snickers)
 - UN5 (compareable to Milky Way
 - UN41 (compareable to regular M&M's)
- UN54 (compareable to Peanut M&M's)
 - UN 77 (compareable to Reese's)

I have to admit I was iffy about trying them lol, but I'm happy to say that they do not disappoint. They all taste just like their big brand counterparts, though I will say that the coloring will throw you off at first. Once you get past that though it's all good :D

My favorite UNREAL™ product though, would have to be the peanut butter cups. Those things were awesome! Most definitely my favorite out of all the others. It's so creamy inside tastes like really peanut butter, unlike Reese's cups which have a powdery consistency. So would I buy these again? Yup. Especially the peanut butter cups lol. Everything else was awesome too, but too sweet for me lol.