Monday, August 27, 2012


Happy Monday peeps.  Climb ladders, bring home the bacon,  etc.

I hope those of you in the East Coast were safe from Issac, I heard Haiti is going through trouble as well.

Is it true that CA experienced 30 quakes over the weekend?  I just heard it on the news, they said that they expect it to keep going into next month.

This weekend was great for me. It was cool, bright with a constant breeze. Taking advantage of the weather Alex suggested that we go to Richgrove. It's a small swap meet, but pretty decent when it comes to merchants and stuff.  I'm happy to say we found a bed that we like too.

All in all we only spent 20.00 out there on some DVDs, handkerchiefs for Alex and socks for Rei and myself :)

The entrance fee was a dollar, free parking.

We had a scary moment though.  A wind blew through the lot and lifted the canopies off th ground! One of those things almost fell on the three of us. Later, Alex was making fun of me because I was oblivious to the tent pole that almost hit me :/

I cannot wait to go back :D

The rest of the day was a nice lazy Sunday. We got some take out, did the laundry and watched our bootlegs. Gotta say, the DKR made me teary. Batman had me geeking out Lol.