Thursday, August 9, 2012

Late humpday-Update

Today is my anniversary with Alex. I only know this because he woke me up to tell me. Honestly I didn't want to remember, it makes me feel like there's a noose tightening around my neck :/

Lol damn menstrual hormones.

So Sunday I will be in Los Angeles for a few hours to help my mom around her home a bit. She moving out of CA in two weeks. I feel like I truly am stuck in this cheap excuse of a town now. I hate it. So Sunday Imma make the best of it since it'll be the last time I see my siblings probably.

I got more samples in the mail this week :)

1 granola bar
2 Astro Lubricants
1 Lipton Ice Tea packet
6 Poise Pads
1 Wet!  Lubricant

I'm still waiting for my Bzzkit to arrive I'm so excited!


Update :

He brought cake! Everything's better with cake! Lol, the day went by just fine. Now just waiting for Sunday :)