Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back home

Got back home last night. At least this time we weren't awake until 3 a.m.

This time things went by smoothly, the weekend didn't feel rushed like the week before that. We just hanged out at my mom's, watched movies and ate take out.  It was nice, felt like a mini vacation.

I had Ocha's Thai food while I was out there too. What a disappointment. It was not as good as I remember. Even my mom agreed the food was crap. Not to mention over priced. Blegh.  If I ever go back to LA I'm never eating that food again >_<

I have turtles now! And a Beta fish too :)

Alex bought me some DVD's today. :D

The Hunger Games
The Incredibles
The first Avengers

And some horror multi pack

Good times, good times.

Oh yeah, Reila is jealous of our new pets. She hates it when Alex or I attend to the animals. It's cute, but annoying.