Friday, May 10, 2013

Catching Up!

Happy Mother's Day!

Hope everyone has been having a goos time. Sorry I haven't been posting besides the usual review posts, but I had a bit of writer's block. Not to mention laziness xD

So, I was back home for a week, it was great being back. Little sad though, because Alvarado became well.... dirtier. Echo Park looks like a little suburban filled with hipsters now, but what pissed me off was the older Hispanic women over at Alvarado. Glaring at me or Rei one even had the gull to 'bump' into my stroller. I expected some rudeness but not at the level of hostility I saw when I went out. It was weird.

Sad, even.

I was raised around those parts of Los Angeles, but my trip made feel like a complete outsider. Maybe I've been living out here for too long. Maybe it is a good thing that I seldom return to LA to visit.

Oh well I guess.

So mom lives near the church now, but I love her new apartment. So many little shops and what not. There's even a bookshop! The next time I visit her Im setting $100 for that bookshop!

So life at home has been good. Alex started giving me a monthly stipend because according to him, a housewife should have spending money even if it's a small amount. Eh, free money I don't complain. Besides, it goes to our home anyway xD

I have been potty training Rei this week. It's f*cking hard! Props to the ladies that have the patience for this. She is willing to go potty, but freaks the hell out when Alex is home. I think she's shy.