Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Review for Garnier BB Cream

I recently received a bottle of Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream to try for my personal use. I was thrilled, for one I've never heard of BB Cream and from what I read online, this cream would greatly help the appearance of my facial skin. I've mentioned before the troubles of my skin. Oily, large pores, uneven skin tone due to psoriasis. Living out here where I do, I live in harsh hot dry weather which makes wearing make-up and foundations uncomfortable especially under the noon soon which is unforgiving and makes you break a sweat in no time. From everything I read online it seemed promising, or so I thought.

When I first tried to use it I was alarmed by how runny the liquid was. Almost watery. The shade I ordered was the Deep shade so I was positive it would fit my skin just fine.


After getting over how runny and liquid the product was I finally applied it on myself was alarmed by the fact that the shade didn't match my skin tone. I was very disappointed then.

I put it away, deciding it wasn't the product for me, but after talking with a few friends of mine from a book club I decided to wear it again and give it a second chance, I mean the worst that could happen was me having to remove the BB cream.

It was a success! I don't know what I did different but my ladies were complementing my face and noticed how smooth my face looked. Luckily I had brought along the BB cream so a few of them were able to try it for themselves and they loved it ! Of course they also noticed how runny the cream was but in the end we chalked it up to the heat was making it runny.

So would I recommend Garnier's BB Cream? Yes I would, but I warn you that some people complained about the shades not blending with their skin tone properly. I am one of those. Although I was able to make it work for me I'm still sad it didn't match me properly.

*As always, I received this product from BzzAgaent*