Saturday, May 12, 2012

Puppy Sitting

Last night we took in a puppy! She's three weeks old, her breed is Poodle. She's the same size Osa was when we first brought her home, it made me nostalgic for a bit.

Rei is inlove with it, which I'm relieved for honestly. Last night she was asleep when the puppy was brought so today in the morning I was anxious thinking the dog would scare her. As soon as she noticed the pup she became excited and played with it. Now everytime she sees it, she wants to pet it.

It made us laugh that the dog is afraid of Rei. 

The puppy went home not too long ago, Rei didn't want to see it go I think. She followed Alex out of the apartment when he left. It was both cute and sad.

Even though the puppy didn't stay with us for long it kinda made me feel like I was caring for a second baby. Weird, but that's how I felt.