Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Lol I'm loving todays weather! I have all my windows and blinds open so it bright and breezy in our home.

I woke up in a good mood today lol

I finally logged into my old DA account, it took forever to get up to date on all of my notifications! But I was able to update my account and my DA ID as well.

Yesterday I had inspection come to the apt as part of renewing our lease. We passed so now I just have to wait for corporate to do a walk through and we're good to go.

I can't  believe it's been a year since we moved in here, it sure does NOT feel like it! I feel blessed though, the staff knows us and work with us whenever we have needed it.

Alex switched jobs today. He's not at the dairy farm anymore his temp was up. He's not home though he went to work for HR Agriculture. He's an assistant manager but his job is to supervise the people in the fields. Better than picking fruit for minimum wage IMO.  They started him out with nine hour days but I haven't found out what his wage is yet.