Monday, May 28, 2012

New Character

I think I finally have some idea for my new OC. Since I can't think of a proper name Fuyoko is what I've been calling her. I found a picture online and it stuck with me so I'm going to use it as a physical reference for her. If only I knew what anime the picture is from though.

Name-Fuyoko (Alias)

Nationality- American

Species- Human

D.O.B.- 12/21

Age- 27

Hair Color- Fuschia/Dark Pink

Eye Color- Brown/ Pink when
powers are in use

Skin Tone- Fair, light freckles

Height- 5'8

Weight- 135lbs

Body Type- Lean, light muscle tone

Flexibility- Somewhat Average

Strength- Avarage

Speed- Fast, is light on her feet

Tattoos/Piercings- Both ears are pierced

Alligience- Neutral (for now)

Power(s)- Pyromancer. Can be used in both offensive and defensive situations. Has the ability to sponteneously combust normal humans/animals.

Special Abilities/Powers- Can sense 'others' like her.

Backstory- Grew up in a upper middle class home, spoiled, intelligent, with a soft spot for the wrong crowds. Towards her late teens she fell in with a bad crowd, went to jail when her 'friends' used her as a scapegoat for their illegal activities. Served her sentence while her once friends enjoyed their freedom. Once outside again she tried to distance herself from them which resulted in her getting beat to the point of needing hospitilization.

It was thought she would not wake from her drug induced coma when the meteor shower happened and granted several people across the globe 'supernatural' abilities. While others around her became sick with signs of radiation poisoning, Fuyoko awoke fully healed.

In the midst of the chaos at the hospital she was able to leave and make her way home, unaware of any changes she was undergoing at the moment.

Her first encounter with her new powers was accidental, she made a driver burst into flames when he honked at her. Angry she yelled at him, but before she could finish her sentence he burst into flames, scaring her into hiding out in a shanty part of her town.

Confused, she tried piecing together what had happened ealier that day which led to her testing her new 'abilities' on stray dogs.


That's all I have for now, still a work in progress :)