Thursday, May 31, 2012

More Fuyoko

Name-Fuyoko (Alias)

Nationality- American

Species- Human

D.O.B.- 12/21

Age- 27

Hair Color- Fuschia/Dark Pink

Eye Color- Brown/ Pink when
powers are in use

Skin Tone- Fair, light freckles

Height- 5'8

Weight- 130lbs

Body Type- Lean, light muscle tone

Flexibility- Above Average

Strength- Avarage

Speed- Above Average

Tattoos/Piercings- Both ears are pierced

Alligience- Neutral

Power(s)- Pyromancy, the ability to manipulate fire at will.

Strategy- Fire can be used in both offensive and defensive situations. She can create shields and barriers as well. 

Special Abilities/Powers- Can sense 'others' like her. Fire does not burn her.

Bio- Grew up in a upper middle class home, spoiled, intelligent, with a soft spot for the wrong crowds. Towards her late teens she fell in with a bad crowd, went to jail when her 'friends' used her as a scapegoat for their illegal activities. Served her sentence of three year while her friends enjoyed their freedom.

Once outside again she distanced herself from her previous friends, and with the help of her family she became a ballet instructor.

It was her former friends that one night attempted to rob her and beat her into a coma when she tried to fight back.

While in her coma, a meteor shower struck several parts of the world destroying and killing many. What was unknown to everyone was that the meteors carried high levels of radiation poisoning and killing people all over the world.
In her dreams, Fuyoko meets a redhead who tells her she can grant any wish she desires.  Fuyoko asks for vengeance, and the redhead agrees, telling her that she will meet many others like her. When
Fuyoko asks what she means by that the redhead simply answers "You all have this ability, but sometimes you need a push"

Fuyoko awakens, surrounded by the chaos of the hospital where many are succumbing to radiation poisoning. 

Her first encounter with her new powers was accidental, she made a driver burst into flames when he honked at her. Angrily, she yelled at him but before she could finish her sentence he burst into flames, scaring her into hiding out in a shanty part of her town.
Confused, she tried piecing together what had happened ealier that day which led to her testing her new 'abilities' on stray dogs. After several tries, she finally begins to understand that her power is fueled by emotion but controlled by her mind. 

UPDATE: Still working on her but I wanted to clarify that GREED is the one that grabted her and others the powers. The meteor shower is a ruse.

Pink eyes, when she uses her powers 
Her normal appearence