Friday, May 4, 2012

Butt Paste

It smells a lot better than I thought it would. Bought some to help with Rei's butt rash I don't know if I used it  wrong or something but it didn't do anything. If anything anything it got worse. So I started washing her butt after every diaper change and sprinkled baby powder instead.

Worked like a charm. Her rash vanished like it never happened. Now I'm annoyed I lost $7.00 buying Butt Paste. >_<

I received a UPS package the other day. Wanna guess what was in it? Let me tell you anyway: Spermicide and VFC. It had a letter from so-and-so company thanking me for promoting them and as a personal thanks they were sending me a package of popular items for me to try out, in hopes of me to keep promoting them.

I lol'd. I haven't done anything for this company in six months. Thank you for the swag though! I'll just put it in the box of other stuff that I get for free. Now that I think about it I should try to score free diaper  vouchers from H.

On the plus side I guess I'm well stocked for the day I feel ready to have sex again. xD

I like ordering catalogs from said company though. They have pretty clothes that are easy to draw.