Monday, June 25, 2012

How to get Freebies

Since I started mentioning how I've been getting free stuff in the mail, a couple of you have been spamming my Yahoo! wanting to know what I do or what are the requirements for receiving any items.

It's actually quite simple :)

1. Check Walmart and go to the "Free Samples" section. Usually all you have to do is provide an address and a name and that is it. Rarely, they will ask you demographic information about yourself; I.E. Age, Sex and maybe Ethnicity.

Target also gives away free samples of products. Even better, if you keep up with Target promotions they give away boxes of assorted products rather than one at a time :)

2. Bzzagent is a consumer review website. I signed up and through it I have been able to test and keep small items so far (razors, food etc.). I have to warn you, you need to be consistent with this site but I found it to be worth it. They have a variety of things to try out but you test them out through invites, meaning you are invited to try out so-and-so item in exchange for you to write a review or post a photo of you using the items. It's a fun site, for me espeically since I love the whole idea of promoting and using my name to get things out there and the not. Like I said, you can get some fun stuff through here, but you need to be consistent. If you're looking for freebies without a commitment, thi is not the site for you. Sorry.

3. Sample Freak is a coupon/freebie website. You can scan and skim through it's contents but almost always there is something for everyone.

4. PG Everyday is another coupon/freebie site. You have to sign up for this website though.

Like I said, it's pretty easy to get free stuff. The thing is you need to have the time and the patience to look around, email people or Facebook them. On my personal Fb I have alot of companies on there because usually liking them and emailing them, telling them how great their products are is enough for companies to want to send you a token of their appriciation.