Friday, June 15, 2012


It's Friday! Two more days before.he goes back to work, yaaaaay!!

Lol, I feel bad. This entire week he has been trying to spend time with me and I keep ignoring him. I made him rent movies almost everyday so we wouldn't have to really interact. I think he finally got the hint. He stopped asking for hugs and kisses.

xD lol being on my monthly suck. Makes me bitchy. It doesn't help that its been triple digit weather. Ugh, I DO NOT look forward to summer.


I scrapped Fuyo's story. Her bio is still the same, mostly. The only thing is that Greed is going to be in the story now, not as the enemy but she is the reason Fuyo has powers. As well as others like her. In her story, the earth was struck by a violent meteor shower. Many perish, but not all. Among these survivors there are a few that through heavy emotional distress opened up their psyche which led to them developing powers.

Fuyoko is Pyrokenetic. Instead of being a Pyromancer and relying on magik, she'll use her mind.

She'll be hunted down by others like her who grow stronger after each kill.

Still a work in progress, but I have a general idea.