Monday, June 11, 2012


Alex is off for this week.

On the plus side though, he is still getting a paycheck this week so yay for that. We rented some movies yesterday, Due Date and some low budget flick that I can't remember what it's called. Went out to Delano and did our laundry :x

I didn't want to go out it was too hot lol.

I love the love seat, it's comfy and all three of us fit in it. The only problem is that Rei gets greedy and tries to kick everyone off of it so she can lay down by herself. Greedy little baby xD

All in all, the weekend was a little slow, but great. I'm wondering how this week will be since he's gonna most likely be home with us. He goes back to work next Tuesday I think I'm not too sure. I just know he goes back next week. I think he said they're spraying the vegetation this week and that's why everyone is excused, but once he goes back he'll be there all day practically since the harvest will start as soon as they come back to work next week.

I'm just happy he's being productive again. I think the whole unemployment thing was driving up the wall :/


Oh yeah, I had a pretty vivid nightmare the other night. I think on Friday or Saturday, I'm not too sure now.

Remember when I was pregnant I use to talk about how I felt like I was being stalked, dream-wise? How I use to dream with some grey creature that would follow me in my dreams and started making me paranoid?

Any who I dreamt with whatever that thing is again. In my dream, I was staying with an older lady, Rei was with me but Alex was working. I just remember he wasn't present because of work. Anyways, this lady would tell of how her home use to be haunted and how the entities that resided there would physically harm her and such.

Well long story short, I started seeing that "thing" soon after. At first he appeared in a bathroom mirror. He'd appear to me in any reflective surface, always standing right behind me . Well one night, I was going to bed and the "thing" was laying in bed with Rei, it's arms wrapped around her. I turned on the light, it vanished, but then the light bulb exploded.

The lady I was staying with, picked up on what was happening and offered to do a cleansing for Rei and myself. I accepted and through the cleansing shit got worse. It appeared to the both of us and spoke to me. I don't remember what it said, all I recall is that it scared me speechless. It tried to touch me and I felt its appendages over mine. Like you could feel the body heat it gave off.

Everything after that is a blur. The last thing I recall is that we were in bed. Rei and I were laying down, and Alex was about to get into bed with us. He walked into the room and climbed into bed. I felt the covers being pulled off of me and I assumed it was Alex. When I opened my eyes, Alex was asleep. I felt someone tugging on me. Behind me, someone was laying behind. I could hear breathing and felt the mattress move. Not wanting to turn around, I panicked and tried to wake Alex. When he did wake up he looked over to me, his eyes went wide as he jumped off the bed and tried to turn the light to the room on.

The feeling in the room was horrible. There was this thick presence there. I never turned to see exactly what was behind me I was too scared, but somehow I knew. I knew it was that thing.

Yes, I know I have an active imagination. But that shit was scary. If I could draw a picture of what I saw, I would.