Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dreaming of Neverland

"I Dreamt I was in Strafe with Frank last night. The town was under attack by Barbatos and Azazel. There were screams everywhere and it almost looked like it was raining fire. The sky was red, buildings were burning to the ground. It took me awhile to realize I was Violette, I was carrying her guns they felt foreing, cold and clumsy in my hands.

I didn't fire them until a legionic bit my calf, screaming in pain I yelled for Frank who in turned screamed that I use my guns before I was eaten alive. At first I was beating its head with the butt of Hemera, accidentally setting it off. Thinking I was going to die I felt myself ready to cry as I finally gethered the courage to shoot the legion in the head.

Hot black liquid splattered on my leg, torso and face. Tasting it gave an adrenaline rush. Suddenly I found myself running faster, becoming stronger and craving legionic blood. I was able to keep up with Frank now, together we were slaying every  demon in sight.

We were killing in synchronization, almost as dancing. Between the taste of blood, the adrenaline and the destruction of Violette's town I felt alive."

Any thoughts? I've been writing one-shots for a couple of days now and this was a dream of Fuyoko's.