Saturday, September 29, 2012

It's almost October :3

Yaaaay!!!! Halloween is almost among us!  We've already bought Rei her costume and candy bucket. I'm hoping it looks as cute as the picture in the package or I'm gonna be pissed. I also bought some random decorations to tape on our door lol. I wanna bake cookies and make vampire cupcakes and chocolate cake! Though I know I won't because we'd never eat it all and we don't associate with anyone to share.

So Alex didn't work all week.

Remember how I was bitchy and not too happy about it? Well,  I ate my words. That same night I posted I came down with a horrible fever. Up until yesterday, I was too sick to do anything but lay on bed, drink Powerade and feel like shit. He was a trooper about it, took care of Rei, the apartment and cleaning/cooking. 

It almost feels like Karma wanted to teacher me a lesson. A painful, foggy, annoying lesson.

Oh yeah I joined a book club on that momsite I hang out in. I love it so far!