Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Smiley360 Reviews: Randoms Candy

Randoms Candy!
So right now I'm on a sample campaign for Randoms Candy. Smiley260 sent me two bags, one large re-sealable bag and a smaller 5oz bag which is not re-sealable. When you first pick up the bags from the box they feel a bit heavy but I was pretty happy th
ey they are gummy candies since those are my favorites.

I won't lie, when I read that I was getting a candy called 'Randoms' I was kind of dreading it because I thought they meant Randoms in the sense that they gave randomly assorted candy in each bag. Something that may sound delightful, but trust me it isn't. Anyway, on the back of both bags of candy you'll find his message: 'Millions of gummy combinations in a variety of flavors, textures & shapes! Never get the same bag twice."  That's quite a boast to make! And I'm even more intrigued to open it now!

So I did. When first opened you get hit with a light fruity scent, and I'll add that the gummies comes in interesting shapes. I ate a couple that were shaped like a paintbrush, a flower, a cell phone and even a saxophone.

You can see some of the shapes the gummies have
The taste wasn't anything too special, they are yummy but they tasted just like gummy bears to me. I'll add though that my favorite gummy was the one with the filling in it. It caught me off guard but it was good! The gummies with filling are slightly transparent so you can actually see the filling inside the candy. I thought that was kinda cool.

Now as for any complaint about the candy.... Well I found it had a slight aftertaste. I guess the candies have some kind of additive so they they all stick together but I think they may have added a tad much. I want to taste fruity flavored gummies not whatever product they add so they won't clump together.

I think if my daughter were to have some she'd be elighted with them, but then again she might try to finish an entire bag in one sitting while trying to find all the different gummy shapes.

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*These candies were provided  to me for free in exchange for my review/opinions. Any commentary made in the blog post is mine and mine alone.